Travel Insurance

When travelling, cover up!

Make sure you’re covered from the sun – and from unexpected medical costs!

When we travel, we hope for great weather and a safe trip. But we don’t always get what we want. While we can’t
change the weather, we can help out in case of injury or illness while travelling. Your group coverage or credit card may provide you with some emergency medical travel insurance.

But is it enough? With many plans, it’s not enough.

Manulife Financial Travel Insurance can help you top up most types of coverage.

Travel Insurance for Canadians Travelling Out-of-Province

Are you going to the USA for business for a day or two? Perhaps you’re exploring Canada’s coast, heading to the Caribbean or travelling overseas? Manulife Travel Insurance for Canadians travelling out-of-province helps protect you against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur during your trip – costs only marginally covered by your provincial health insurance plan.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs:

Single-Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for one trip for the number of days you have purchased. No age limit.

Multi-Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for an unlimited number of trips during your policy year for the number of days you have purchased. Options of 4, 10, 18 and 30 day plans. Also available as a Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan. No age limit.

All-Inclusive Plan: Provides several benefits all in one plan. It covers Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay, Flight Accident and Travel Accident.

Travel Canada Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance if all your travel is within Canada at 50% off the regular Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan and Quick Trip Plan rates.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Plan: May be purchased as part of an All-Inclusive Plan or separately.


apply-online-iconThe benefits available to you include:

Emergency Medical Insurance: Covers you up to $5,000,000 for expenses as a result of emergency medical attention required during your trip.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance: Available as a single plan or as a Single-Trip All- Inclusive or Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plan,  if you are unable to travel or your trip is interrupted due to a covered event. Baggage Loss,

Damage & Delay: Available with the Single-Trip or Multi-Trip All-Inclusive Plans. Covers you for loss or damage to your baggage or baggage delay.

Flight Accident: Covers you for $100,000 for death or double dismemberment, or $50,000 for single dismemberment.

Travel Accident: Covers you for $50,000 for death or double dismemberment, or $25,000 for single dismemberment.

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Family or friends are coming to stay? Do your guests have insurance to protect them while they’re here? No need for concern, Manulife Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada can be purchased prior to their departure or when they first arrive.

Single-Trip Plan: Provides Emergency Medical Insurance for one trip for the number of days purchased.

Travel Accident Coverage: Included with the purchase of Emergency Medical Insurance and covers up to $50,000 for an accidental bodily injury or death.

Optional Trip Interruption Insurance: An optional benefit which covers the prepaid non-refundable and non-transferable portion of the trip, should it be interrupted due to a covered event and the return to home country is required.