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No Benefits? No Problem!

Not covered by an employee benefit plan? As you may know first-hand, your provincial health insurance only goes so far. It can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars out of pocket each year for prescription drugs, dental checkups and more for you and your family. Fortunately, Manulife Financial can help you save on these costs through the affordable Association Health & Dental Plans. You have 8 plans to choose from, each offering escalating levels of coverage for dental only or a combination of prescription drugs and dental coverage. And all plans include Core Benefits like vision care, massage therapy and hearing aids – all of which are not […]


We all enjoy being healthy, feeling good, and having the freedom to go where we wish when we want to. Having adequate coverage for both health and dental care at home, and travel insurance when we are out of the country, is very important to protect our family’s assets. The cost of medical and dental payments and travel expenses is even more important now, as the cost of care has risen significantly. There is a risk of an accident or serious illness when we are out of the country. While we are travelling, we may suffer injuries or sicknesses that […]