We all enjoy being healthy, feeling good, and having the freedom to go where we wish when we want to. Having adequate coverage for both health and dental care at home, and travel insurance when we are out of the country, is very important to protect our family’s assets.

The cost of medical and dental payments and travel expenses is even more important now, as the cost of care has risen significantly.

There is a risk of an accident or serious illness when we are out of the country. While we are travelling, we may suffer injuries or sicknesses that require immediate medical attention. Emergency medical care costs when we travel could cause a significant shortfall in our finances. These costs can be an exceptionally expensive burden to pay.

When we are at home, it is equally important to take care of our health and dental coverage needs.

The solution is flexible health and dental benefits to compliment your current coverage; individual if you aren’t currently covered by a group plan (or are coming out of a group plan), or group benefits ~ so you may protect your employees, your business, and yourself.

The premium costs vary based on our age, gender, whether or not we smoke, and our lifestyle (i.e. health).

Our greatest financial asset is our ability to earn an income. Our ability to earn an income comes from our own personal vitality.

Let’s take care of ourselves and ‘insure’ we are living life to the fullest!

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